From someone simply travelling the world, discovering different cultures and finding inspiration in simple shapes, to a business that brings a love for ceramics and travel together


Founder and Creative Director, Lois Amelia Sargent, has loved travelling from a young age and always appreciated experiencing new cultures and the beauty within their traditions and art. Growing up in a family full of travel stories and souvenirs, she was determined to make that her life. 

Given the opportunity to travel around the globe as a product developer, Lois has encountered a breadth of different ways of life, customs, and unique designs and artwork — amassing a wide catalogue of inspiration to draw from. 

With a love for ceramics and homewares, and determined that she wanted to grow something herself, Lois decided to bring a little bit of what she saw out in the world back home and combine it with English elegance to bring Milly Sands to life.

Milly S design is also a design service that continues to work with commercial and retail companies to design and develop products to suit the retail market. For any enquiries on this service and other services we provide, please take a look at 'Milly S Design commissions'

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