Thank you to the NHS from Milly!

A 15% off code to show our appreciation! 

Living abroad for such a long time, I came to love and appreciate the NHS, as there is nothing in the world that can come close to what we have here. This is an institution that every single one of us should be proud of. They are the true heroes of this nation and yet are undervalued. We are now in the midst of a vaccine roll out like never before, which no other country is doing in this scale. Volunteers in their thousands are helping, nurses are coming out of retirement and huge communities are coming together to make history happen. 

So, we wanted to find a way that they could say thank you to everyone involved. We are giving 15% off to everyone working in the NHS or vaccine centres across the UK.

All you need to do is fill in the below information and let us know what role you have. We will then email asking for proof of ID and we will email you the code.

Perhaps it is a gift to treat yourself or a gift to a few loved ones, to put a smile on their face. Whichever way it is, we’d just love to put a smile on your face this weekend.  

Please note, if you are buying for a loved one that works in the NHS, this still can be accepted. Please just let us know your relation and what their role in the NHS/ vaccine centres are. 

A huge thank you to you all from Milly Sands!  

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Cookie gift sets are excluded from this discount.

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